Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eight Months

I made notes to include on this post throughout the month. Looking back at the items/accomplishments I listed:
-pulling up in crib
- scooting
- rolling to move
I'm amazed at how much Porter accomplished this month! Who needs to scoot or roll anymore when you can speed crawl?!? He is on the move! Watch out dog tails, electrical outlets, cords & shoes- Porter is out to get you & put you in his mouth.

Porter can pull himself up to stand now. He gets cocky & holds on with only one hand. At first it looks like he's riding a bull with one arm flailing. He's taking a few steps while holding onto the coffee table, couch etc. He's got a few bruises to show for his bravery. I'm trying to be calm during all the bumps, bruises & crying- I know there is more to come.

Porter had an ear infection that would not go away (literally- he had it since Sept. 18). After 4 rounds of antibiotics & antibiotic shots Porter had tubes put in his ears Nov. 8th. It has changed our lives!!!! He feels so much better. Drum
roll please.... HE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Carl & I are still adjusting to it. I wake up & check the monitor several times through the night- I think that will always happen.

Porter has started saying dada. I have announced I will be going by da da. I'm doing lots of momma drills.

Big stuff for the month:
Eating lots
Saying/yelling da da
Weight- about 20 pounds
Pappy came to visit

Porter & I went to Houston to meet my great Aunt Consuelo & for Liana's baby shower. He was great on the trip except for a poop explosion on the way home that I don't want to relive.

His personality is starting to show more & more. He's a funny kid. He laughs a lot which is the best sound on earth!!!

As we enter the holiday season I am so very thankful for Porter. He has brought us so much joy & love. This is going to be the best Thanksgiving & Christmas ever!!!

Seven Months

Again I am a little behind.....

This will be mostly pictures too. I promise to be better about 8 months!!

Highlights for month SEVEN:
- Porter was baptized Sept. 23. It was a fun weekend with the Grandparents, uncles & Godparents (Mandy Shoemaker & Justin Palmer)
-Porter, Chatty & I went to the blessing of the animals at church
- we had a little boy/mom/puppy sleepover with Greyson, Carey & Minnie while the dads went to Austin to a UT game
-We spent Mondays at library story time. Porter loves books and other babies!!!
- Lots of eating in month 7! Now eating 3 meals a day.
- Sitting like a champ by himself.

We are so lucky and blessed to have such an adorable baby with a great demeanor! He's really easy going. He wakes up smiling! I can't stop kissing & hugging him!!!

Coming up in month EIGHT- he's on the move!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Six Months

I am really behind on blogging. School and life got really busy. This post will be mostly pictures. Seven month update will have more details.

Six month stats:
Weight- 18.5 pounds
Height- 27 inches

Blessing of Animals

Thursday October 4th was St. Francis of Assisi day. St. Francis is the patron saint of all animals. Our church had a service yesterday for the blessing of pets. Growing up we did this at my elementary school, Sacred Heart. I remember my mom bringing all of our animals: 2 parakeets, a fish, a cat, a dog and Brad (he wasnt in school yet). I have great memories of this so I wanted to do this with Porter.

Since it was just going to be me & Porter I decided I could only handle 1 dog. Chatty was selected as the representative for the Crowder family pups.

On the way there Porter cried, Chatty jumped around the car and it looked like it was going to rain. Not a strong start. After I got my crew out of the car the service started. We were outside gathered around the big church bell. I was the youngest person there by about 30ish years. Once they rang the bell Porter started screaming. The super dramatic cry with the added touch of bottom lip stuck out as far as possible.  Naturally, the crowd of grandmothers turned to look at us.  This is the moment Chatty decides to take care of business.  I had to make sure everyone saw me pick it up- I didnt want them to think I was the kind of dog owner that would leave it.  While Father Bill was telling the story of St. Francis Chatty had one of her reverse coughing attacks.  It's real loud and sounds like she is choking.  It happens when she gets really excited.  Let's just say my group caused a lot of distractions.

When the service was over I asked a disgruntled teen who looked really not excited to be there to take our picture.  I needed to have documentation of this.  The little boy who handed out programs was upset with me that I wouldn't return my program to him but Porter had eaten half of it.

So after this fifteen minute event I really appreciate my mom loading up our whole animal crew and Brad to do this when we were little.

We will do this again next year........ it will be Brewsters turn to go.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Five Months!!

I know I say this every month but time really is flying! Porter is five months old today, Aug. 13, 2012. We don't have a doctors visit this month so no official weigh in but I feel safe in guessing he weighs close to twenty pounds. He's a big boy or so we are frequently told.

Here's what's new this month:
Porter definitely has a personality of his own. He still talks all the time. He laughs and smiles a bunch which pretty much melts your heart. He lights up when one of us or the dogs walk in the room.
He is trying to do a lot of big boy things like hold his bottle and stand without our help. Standing and sitting still need a spotter but I think we are close to him being able to do it on his own.
He is starting to reach our and grab things around him. He can put his pacifier in and out of his mouth and is pretty cocky about it. He reached out Sunday afternoon and knocked his dad's drink over. I think he just wanted to let us know he could.
He has discovered his feet and is constantly grabbing the left foot. He hasn't tried putting his feet in his mouth- yet.
He loves to stick his tongue out all the time. We think he likes feeling his teeth. He looks like a little lizard.
Brewster (our little brown dog) has secured his place as Porter's best friend. If Porter is crying Brewster can help make him stop by laying next to Porter. Chatty is warming up to him too. Carl & I spend a lot of time trying to prevent Porter from being slobbered to death by the dogs.
I want to make sure to remember this forever- when Porter & I are out running errands or on a walk etc and he is in the Ergo carrier on my chest with his right arm he always rubs it up and down my left arm as if he is reassuring me that he's ok. He did it the whole way through Central Market Sunday. I am literally tearing up writing this.

This month:
Porter went to our friend Greyson's 2nd birthday party. Turns out there are all boys in the Dallas area friend group. We are in lots of trouble next year when all the boys are mobile!
We went to San Antonio/New Braunfels to see all the grandparents. Grandma & Grandpa (Pat & Ken) had a sip & see for their friends and extended family to meet Porter. No surprise, he was a hit!
I started back to work last Thursday & Porter started daycare. We love the lady and her family that watch Porter. Thursday was a little rough for me.....

We are excited to see how Porter grows this month & the new things he learns. I think we need to baby proof sooner rather than later.....

(i am not sure what order the pictures will post since I am doing this from my phone so here's what the pictures are of: boys and mamas is from Greyson's party, family pic from sip & see, standing with only the help of the ottoman last weekend and his five month pictures from today)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Porter's Uncles

Porter is very lucky to have two uncles who love him very much.

Uncle Halen & Porter share a birthday week which is a real big deal in my family. Their birthdays are a day apart (Porter 3/13 & Halen 3/14). I think it might be a little while until they share a birthday party. They also share a name-Porter is Halen's middle name. Halen is so sweet & loving to Porter! It pretty much melts my heart! He is always willing to hold Porter & sings to him a lot.

Uncle Brad was a little apprehensive about holding Brad but now he's a pro. It's so sweet to see them together and of course this melts my heart too. Brad even found a Johnny Cash song for Porter with his name in it. Porter loves the song!

Both uncles have big plans on all the things they are going to teach Porter: surfing, wake-boarding, skateboarding, motorcycles, travel etc. Halen said they are going to have a "man camp" for Porter during the summers when he gets older to teach him all this and more. I am a little nervous......

I know my mom would be so proud of her boys and how great they are to my little boy!


Porter rolled over for the first time today!!!!! It happened twice! I think my clapping and cheering for him might have scared him a little and brought an end to the rolling. Looks like I am already that crazy cheering mom. No real big surprise right?!?

(picture is right after 1st roll)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Addition to 4 month post

I forgot to add to the 4 month update that Porter has started "kissing" me back. I think it's what a blowfish on your face might feel like. He opens his mouth and slobbers on my cheek. It's the best kiss ever!!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Four Months!!!!

I am embarrassingly behind on posting!! Hoping to get better at this.

Porter was four months old July 13. We were at my dads so we had to do our monthly photo shoot a week late. Brewster had to get in on the action and be included in the action for at least one picture.

I can not believe he is already four months!!! I know it's cliche but time is really flying!!

Here is what is new this month:
- Porter talks ALOT! I would love to know what he is trying to tell us. At his four month checkup he talked to the dr the whole time trying to answer her questions. She said he is going to be very verbal. For anyone who knows the King family that shouldn't come as a surprise.
- Porter has TWO TEETH!!!!! The whole teething process was a little rough. Porter likes to run his tongue over his teeth now. He seems like such a big boy now when I see him show off his teeth.
- He is very alert & takes in everything around him. Uncle Halen says he is making a mental database of everything.
-Porter & Brewster are becoming best friends like we hoped. Porter likes to "pet" him & Brewster loves it! I did find Porter trying to put Brewster's head in his mouth the other day-Brewster was totally fine with it.
-He is super cuddly & smiley!!! Porter has started laughing. It truly is my favorite sound on earth! He pretty much melts my heart constantly.
-Porter loves to stand & sit up (with a little assistance). He is super strong and likes to pull my hair. Good times.
-We are finally getting on a schedule which is making our lives much better.
-He has slept a few nights in his crib. My goal is to make that an every night thing in the next couple weeks.

Stats for the month:
Weight- 16 pounds 10 ounces (90th percentile)
Height- 25.75 inches (50-70th percentile)

We are so in love with this little man. It's so exciting to see more and more of his personality coming out daily.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Three Months - June 13, 2012

I can't believe Porter is three months old! This past month went by really fast.

Here are some highlights from this month:
I had to work several days this month & Porter went to the daycare ladies house. He did great & really likes her & her family.
Porter has discovered his hands & can not keep them out of his mouth! I think the feet are next....
He is sleeping longer stretches at night- 7 to 8 hours- which Carl & I appreciate!
He is getting the hiccups less & less. Where he used to have them once or twice a day he now has them once or twice a week.
We didn't have a doctors appointment this month so we don't have official stats but we are thinking he weighs 15ish pounds.
Porter smiles, laughs & talks to us a lot which we love. When I pick him up in the morning he greets me with a smile- heaven. He is very happy in the morning. There is something magical about his changing mat. When we lay him on it he immediately stops crying & will start smiling.

We are so happy & blessed with this sweet little man!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Original Porter

We named Porter after my mom's dad- Odis Porter LIttle.  He went by Port.  It's a little bittersweet for me to call him Port because it makes me miss my mom and Yampa (that was his grandpa name- as a baby I couldn't say grandpa so he ended up with Yampa) but at the same time so happy that he is named after someone I loved a lot and to know that it would have meant so much to my mom that we named him after her dad that she loved so much.  Carl sometimes calls him Port which is really cute and sweet. 

The original Port was known for wearing jumpsuits all the time.  In the winter he would jazz them up with turtlenecks underneath.  Snazzy dresser I know.  It was only fitting that Baby Porter also wear a jumpsuit.  It's a more modern/preppy take on the jumpsuit.  We thought we would hold off on the turtlenecks for a while.....

I should have taken the bib off but that would have probably woken him up. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week of May 20-May 27

Sunday May 20
After a busy weekend of Wildflower Festival and a birthday party we spent a lazy Sunday at home.  I spent most of the afternoon trying to post the week in review from the previous week.  We bar b qued for dinner and took a family walk.  It was a great day.
thanks for the witty onesie Mandy
Monday May 21
Porter started his Monday by working on his tummy time on his activity mat.  He is so strong!!!

This is how we spend most of our days- the dogs as close to Porter as they can be.  The four of us are together all the time!  They are going to have a really hard time when I go back to work. 

Monday afternoon Porter and I went to pick up the dry cleaning where I was told by the guy who works there that Porter is a weird name and that Porter is probably hungry for more than milk.  Cool.  Thanks for the advice!  Geez.

Tuesday May 22
It's hard to get a picture of him with out arms or legs moving!  He likes to move his arms and legs a lot these days.  He is practicing kicking for when he plays soccer.

Wednesday May 23

Porter spent part of the day with Karen who will take care of him starting in August when I go back to work.  I had to take care of some work things and this was a great trial run for both Porter and I.  He did really well, probably because Karen was so sweet and held him the whole time!  I did OK too.

Thursday May 24

Porter and I spent the day at home.  It probably doesn't sound very exciting that we spend so much time at home but I am treasuring every second of it.  I know that soon enough we will be out and about all the time and super busy so the time we can spend at home playing and cuddling is heavenly!

Friday May 25
Carl, Porter and I went to dinner with my Uncle Marc and cousin Lilly.  It was great to see both of them.  Last time they saw Porter he was only a couple of days old. 
Porter with Uncle Marc- sorry- not the best picture

Saturday May 26
This was a ROUGH weekend at our house!!!!  Poor Porter was going through a growth spurt so we spent most of the weekend with lots of crying (mostly Porter- I think Carl and I were crying on the inside) and little sleeping.  He has a new high pitch scream/cry that makes me want to cry. 

This is not a great picture.  This is my attempt at Porter standing (really leaning) against the couch cushions.