Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Porter's Uncles

Porter is very lucky to have two uncles who love him very much.

Uncle Halen & Porter share a birthday week which is a real big deal in my family. Their birthdays are a day apart (Porter 3/13 & Halen 3/14). I think it might be a little while until they share a birthday party. They also share a name-Porter is Halen's middle name. Halen is so sweet & loving to Porter! It pretty much melts my heart! He is always willing to hold Porter & sings to him a lot.

Uncle Brad was a little apprehensive about holding Brad but now he's a pro. It's so sweet to see them together and of course this melts my heart too. Brad even found a Johnny Cash song for Porter with his name in it. Porter loves the song!

Both uncles have big plans on all the things they are going to teach Porter: surfing, wake-boarding, skateboarding, motorcycles, travel etc. Halen said they are going to have a "man camp" for Porter during the summers when he gets older to teach him all this and more. I am a little nervous......

I know my mom would be so proud of her boys and how great they are to my little boy!

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