Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Porter's First Month

To My Sweet Porter,

Friday April 13th was your one month birthday!!!  I can not believe the first month has come and gone and we all survived!!!! 

Looking back on the first month a lot of it is a blur.  You had tons of visitors!  You are very popular.  Both of your uncles came up to visit you your first weekend home.
Porter and Uncle Halen

I don't have a picture of you with Uncle Brad because he has a new policy of not holding a baby until they are a year old.  I feel pretty confident that your cuteness will break him down way before you turn one.                                                                           

Also this first month your Daddy turned 40!!!!!!

I wish I would have thought of this ahead of time and had a onesie or something made for the occasion.  I think your Dad felt the same way about turning 40 that you felt about this picture.           

You are super cuddly and I love spending my days with you sleeping on my chest.  You make the cutest cooing noises while you are sleeping.  I need to record it before it's too late.  You have started smiling the last few days.  I know this is cliche but it literally melts my heart!  You smile in the mornings a lot, when no one else is here, of course.  If I get a camera out you immediately stop smiling.  We need to work on this.  There are a lot of people who want to see your smile!

Your appetite can definitely be described as hearty!  You get the hiccups about once a day almost everyday.  You had the hiccups a lot when I was pregnant with you so your doctor said it's normal that you are still getting them.  I hope they stop soon because I know it's no fun for you to have them.  Every night around 9:30ish it gets ugly at our house.  You change from your super sweet self to a super cranky baby!  It's pretty ugly for a couple of hours.  Hopefully this ends soon!!!!!!  You are a champ at tummy time.  You "workout" on your activity mat every morning.  I spend most of this time keeping the dogs away from you.  They see this as their opportunity to make out with you and clean your ears.  You have great head and neck strength.  You and I have a lot of conversations during the day.  I talk and you make noises.  It's kind of like a lot of conversations I have had with high school kids.  I treasure this time I get to stay home with you!

Warning-here's the cheesey sappy part: I can't put into words how much I love you and how happy I am you are here!  Some days I can't believe you are here!  We wanted you for so long and now you are finally here!!!!  I know there have been some rough spots this month but they were all worth it. I am so excited for all of the months and years to come!  I can't wait to see the little boy you are going to become.  I am so excited to finally be a mom and beyond happy to be your mom.  

Here are the stats from your one month appointment:
weight:10 pounds10 ounces (75th percentile)
height: 21.5 inches (50th percentile)                           

Happy First Month!!!

Porter's Room

                                                             Welcome to Porter's Room!

I got the alphabet wall idea from my new addiction, Pinterest.  At my baby shower everyone was assigned a letter to bring.  They could either make or buy the letter.  Let me tell you I have quite a crafty group of family and friends!!!  The majority of the letters were made. They all means so much because family and friends took the time and effort to make something special for Porter's room.

I need to give a special thank you to Mandy and Anne for coming up to help me put the room together the weekend before Porter was born.  They did an amazing job hanging the letters!!!!  I can't thank Mandy and Anne enough for all of their help!!!!!!!!!

This is a dresser that has been in Carl's family for years.  Carl and I started the painting process Sunday March 11.  Our plan was for Carl to finish the dresser Monday night.  Little did we know that Monday night we would be in the hospital.  Carl's dad finished the dresser for us.  Thanks Grandpa!

We have been collecting the vintage UT calendars for a couple of years.  Each month is a different program cover from the 50s and 60s.  We said years ago when we got the first calendar that this would be a great thing to put in a baby's room.  We selected 6 of the program covers to put in his room. 

This lamp was made by Carl's mom when he was a little boy.  She made the football player to look like Carl.  It is too cute!!!!

The rocking horse is from Pappy and Kelly.  It neighs and wiggles it's tail.  Porter isn't ready yet to ride it but the dogs have been very interested in it!

The sock monkey and train were Carl's when he was little.  It means a lot that we are able to share with Porter things from Carl's childhood. 

This is the wall by Porter's closet.  These are all from sweet friends.                                                           

Porter's room in a compilation of items from family and friends.  Everything in his room has a story.  Thank you everyone for helping us put this special room together!!!                                                                     

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Porter's First Easter

Porter's first Easter was spent at home with all of the grandparents.  Uncle Halen and Uncle Brad were on an adventure in Alaska but they promised to be here for an egg hunt next year.  We had a great weekend with the grandparents.  Let's just say Porter was held the whole weekend.

Porter's Birth

Monday March 12th was a normal day- or so I thought.  It was the first day of spring break and I thought I had three days to get a lot done in our new house before we went in Wednesday night to start the induction.  Long story short, my blood pressure was too high and my doctor told me I had to go to the hospital for observation and to possibly start the induction process that night.  Carl met me at the hospital and we called our parents to let them know the party was getting started- Porter would be here sooner rather than later.

I feel very fortunate to say that labor was quick and easy.  Porter arrived Tuesday March 13 at 5:11pm weighing in at 7 pounds 15 ounces, 19 inches and absolute perfection.

Immediately after Porter was born they took his foot prints and put them on Carl's shirt as a keepsake.                                                                                                                

Carl's parents, Pat and Ken, (aka Grandma and Grandpa) and my dad,Rodney (aka Pappy)  were there for the arrival of the first grandbaby.  Needless to say, Porter is quite popular with these three! 

Grandma and Porter

Grandpa and Porter

Pappy and Porter

We came home from the hospital on Thursday March 15. Grandma, Grandpa and our dogs were waiting for us.

This is a picture of us introducing Porter to our two dachshundsWe were a little nervous at first about how they would act around a baby but they have been great!!  Chatty, the black one, was a little indifferent at first but now she likes him.  Brewster, the brown one, is crazy about Porter!!!  We have nicknamed him the Danny- dog nanny.  He checks on Porter all the time.  He comes and gets me if Porter is crying and is quite protective when people other than Carl and I are holding him.  I think they will be best friends!

Two Best Friends Talking

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome to our blog!  Turns out I have given into peer pressure and have decided to start a blog to document Porter's big exciting moments for family, friends, and Porter.  My goal is to print the blog into a memory book for Porter.  You all are welcome to share in the memories along the way.  I am totally new to the ways of blogging so expect some bumps in the road or in formatting.

** side note- I am not trying to be Kardashianesque with the blog title.  A friend suggested it and I thought it sounded cute.  (thanks Aria!)