Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Porter's Uncles

Porter is very lucky to have two uncles who love him very much.

Uncle Halen & Porter share a birthday week which is a real big deal in my family. Their birthdays are a day apart (Porter 3/13 & Halen 3/14). I think it might be a little while until they share a birthday party. They also share a name-Porter is Halen's middle name. Halen is so sweet & loving to Porter! It pretty much melts my heart! He is always willing to hold Porter & sings to him a lot.

Uncle Brad was a little apprehensive about holding Brad but now he's a pro. It's so sweet to see them together and of course this melts my heart too. Brad even found a Johnny Cash song for Porter with his name in it. Porter loves the song!

Both uncles have big plans on all the things they are going to teach Porter: surfing, wake-boarding, skateboarding, motorcycles, travel etc. Halen said they are going to have a "man camp" for Porter during the summers when he gets older to teach him all this and more. I am a little nervous......

I know my mom would be so proud of her boys and how great they are to my little boy!


Porter rolled over for the first time today!!!!! It happened twice! I think my clapping and cheering for him might have scared him a little and brought an end to the rolling. Looks like I am already that crazy cheering mom. No real big surprise right?!?

(picture is right after 1st roll)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Addition to 4 month post

I forgot to add to the 4 month update that Porter has started "kissing" me back. I think it's what a blowfish on your face might feel like. He opens his mouth and slobbers on my cheek. It's the best kiss ever!!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Four Months!!!!

I am embarrassingly behind on posting!! Hoping to get better at this.

Porter was four months old July 13. We were at my dads so we had to do our monthly photo shoot a week late. Brewster had to get in on the action and be included in the action for at least one picture.

I can not believe he is already four months!!! I know it's cliche but time is really flying!!

Here is what is new this month:
- Porter talks ALOT! I would love to know what he is trying to tell us. At his four month checkup he talked to the dr the whole time trying to answer her questions. She said he is going to be very verbal. For anyone who knows the King family that shouldn't come as a surprise.
- Porter has TWO TEETH!!!!! The whole teething process was a little rough. Porter likes to run his tongue over his teeth now. He seems like such a big boy now when I see him show off his teeth.
- He is very alert & takes in everything around him. Uncle Halen says he is making a mental database of everything.
-Porter & Brewster are becoming best friends like we hoped. Porter likes to "pet" him & Brewster loves it! I did find Porter trying to put Brewster's head in his mouth the other day-Brewster was totally fine with it.
-He is super cuddly & smiley!!! Porter has started laughing. It truly is my favorite sound on earth! He pretty much melts my heart constantly.
-Porter loves to stand & sit up (with a little assistance). He is super strong and likes to pull my hair. Good times.
-We are finally getting on a schedule which is making our lives much better.
-He has slept a few nights in his crib. My goal is to make that an every night thing in the next couple weeks.

Stats for the month:
Weight- 16 pounds 10 ounces (90th percentile)
Height- 25.75 inches (50-70th percentile)

We are so in love with this little man. It's so exciting to see more and more of his personality coming out daily.