Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Original Porter

We named Porter after my mom's dad- Odis Porter LIttle.  He went by Port.  It's a little bittersweet for me to call him Port because it makes me miss my mom and Yampa (that was his grandpa name- as a baby I couldn't say grandpa so he ended up with Yampa) but at the same time so happy that he is named after someone I loved a lot and to know that it would have meant so much to my mom that we named him after her dad that she loved so much.  Carl sometimes calls him Port which is really cute and sweet. 

The original Port was known for wearing jumpsuits all the time.  In the winter he would jazz them up with turtlenecks underneath.  Snazzy dresser I know.  It was only fitting that Baby Porter also wear a jumpsuit.  It's a more modern/preppy take on the jumpsuit.  We thought we would hold off on the turtlenecks for a while.....

I should have taken the bib off but that would have probably woken him up. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week of May 20-May 27

Sunday May 20
After a busy weekend of Wildflower Festival and a birthday party we spent a lazy Sunday at home.  I spent most of the afternoon trying to post the week in review from the previous week.  We bar b qued for dinner and took a family walk.  It was a great day.
thanks for the witty onesie Mandy
Monday May 21
Porter started his Monday by working on his tummy time on his activity mat.  He is so strong!!!

This is how we spend most of our days- the dogs as close to Porter as they can be.  The four of us are together all the time!  They are going to have a really hard time when I go back to work. 

Monday afternoon Porter and I went to pick up the dry cleaning where I was told by the guy who works there that Porter is a weird name and that Porter is probably hungry for more than milk.  Cool.  Thanks for the advice!  Geez.

Tuesday May 22
It's hard to get a picture of him with out arms or legs moving!  He likes to move his arms and legs a lot these days.  He is practicing kicking for when he plays soccer.

Wednesday May 23

Porter spent part of the day with Karen who will take care of him starting in August when I go back to work.  I had to take care of some work things and this was a great trial run for both Porter and I.  He did really well, probably because Karen was so sweet and held him the whole time!  I did OK too.

Thursday May 24

Porter and I spent the day at home.  It probably doesn't sound very exciting that we spend so much time at home but I am treasuring every second of it.  I know that soon enough we will be out and about all the time and super busy so the time we can spend at home playing and cuddling is heavenly!

Friday May 25
Carl, Porter and I went to dinner with my Uncle Marc and cousin Lilly.  It was great to see both of them.  Last time they saw Porter he was only a couple of days old. 
Porter with Uncle Marc- sorry- not the best picture

Saturday May 26
This was a ROUGH weekend at our house!!!!  Poor Porter was going through a growth spurt so we spent most of the weekend with lots of crying (mostly Porter- I think Carl and I were crying on the inside) and little sleeping.  He has a new high pitch scream/cry that makes me want to cry. 

This is not a great picture.  This is my attempt at Porter standing (really leaning) against the couch cushions. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two Months Old

May 13, 2012

Porter was two months old on Mother's Day.  This has been a fast two months!! 

Here are some of the new things Porter started doing this month:
  • smiling
  • laughing
  • talking to us (he is fluent in baby talk)
  • yawning
  • playing with his hands
  • splashing around in the bath tub
  • kicking his legs a lot
  • sleeping 5-6 hours straight a night (THANK YOU!)
He is so super cuddly and loves being help which I don't mind at all.  I
know this will probably cause some problems when he starts going to daycare in August but we have some time before then to worry about it. 

He smiles and coos all the time.  There is nothing better than starting my day by going to get him up and being greeted by a groggy smile.  When I pick he up he nuzzles in my neck.  Melts my heart every time!!!!!!!

Here are his stat's from the two month appointment:
height- 22.75 inches (50th percentile)
weight-13 pounds 5 ounces (90th percentile)

Month three will be very exciting- we will be getting out more, spending more time with family and friends, and our first road trip (wish me luck on this one- I will doing this one solo).

Everyday gets better with you Porter!!!!  We love you!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week of May 13-May 19

The week in review:

Sunday May 13- MOTHER'S DAY

    My first Mother's Day was great.  Carl's parents came up for the weekend.  We went to brunch Sunday morning and Porter slept through brunch which was a great gift.  Usually as soon as I get a plate of food he knows it and starts crying.  Having a baby has taught me how to do a lot of things one handed- eating, cooking, laundry etc.  Thank you to Carl for always cutting my meat for me. 

      Of course Porter had two Mother's Day outfits.  Thank you Grandma for the Happy 1st Mothers Day outfit.

                                                             Mother's Day can be a hard day for me.  i miss my Mom everyday but a little more on days like Mother's Day.  Porter was definitely a nice distraction this year.  I feel so lucky to get to be a mom-Porter's mom.  I am so thankful that I had such an amazing mom who was a great role model on many things but especially parenting.  I will try to parent with humor as she did.

The three generations of Crowder men watching sports (of course!) together on Mother's Day!

Monday May 14                                                                                                                   
    Porter had his two month check up on Monday and SHOTS!  It went better than last time.  I didn't cry this time but it was still hard for me to watch.  He did great and only cried a little.  Porter wasn't real happy the rest of the day as seen here.

Tuesday May 15                                                                                                                
Halen came up Monday night to stay with us before he left on Tuesday for Nicaragua.  Porter and I spent the day with Halen running errands.  It was a day of first for Porter- first trip to Walmart and first trip to the airport.  Porter and I took Halen and some of his friends to DFW airport.  Halen is in Nicaragua for two weeks surfing.  

Please notice that Porter is wearing his B is Bob (Marley) onesie Uncle Halen gave him.

Wednesday May 16                                                                                                         
We didn't do much on Wednesday.  We had house guests since Saturday so Porter and I needed a day of hanging around the house.

Thursday May 17
      Porter and I walked over to my school to turn in paperwork and introduce Porter to some of my co workers.  He was a hit!  He smiled, cooed, and laughed at all the ladies.  He's already quite a flirt!  He was pooped when we got home. 

Friday May 18                                                                                                                       
        Friday was the start to a busy weekend.  Two of my former cheerleaders, Meredith and Julie, came over to meet Porter.  The college girls love Porter!  It was great to visit with the girls.  I am very proud of them and love it that they come back to visit.

        Friday evening we went to the Richardson Wildflower Festival.  This was our first big family outing.  It was our first venture out with all of the baby gear- we learned that we don't need so much stuff and considerably downsized the gear for the next night.  .  As Carl loaded the stroller he commented that we really are parents now.  Porter did great.  It was a beautiful night.  Porter loved watching the trees blowing in the breeze.  His first concert was a 70's cover band, La Freak.  He seemed to enjoy it.  We are expecting him to have a love of disco now.  We didn't quite make it late enough to see Nelly.

Saturday May 19                                                                                                                 
     Porter and I started the day by going to his first birthday party for  my friend Sarah's sweet little boy Henry's third birthday.  It was a super cute golf themed party.  I took note of all of the cute golf related toys- I know that Porter has golf in his future.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of Porter at the party.  I held him most of the time.  It was great to see Sarah's family, the Georges, and introduce Porter to them.                                                   
Saturday evening we went back to Wildflower.  We had a fun evening of walking around, visiting with friends,  and eating festival type food- corn dog for me & turkey leg for Carl.                                                                                                                                 

Carl and Porter at Wildflower

(for those who might wonder why I don't post most frequently on the blog- this post took me almost 3 hours to do while taking care of a baby- hopefully I will get faster at posting)                                                                                                 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week of April 29-May 5

Every week I have said (to myself) that I want to do a post with a picture a day from the week and a brief summary of what we did this week since the weeks seem to be flying by.  I am finally doing it.  This first one is a little rough as I am new to blogging but hopefully next week I will have a better format. 

The week of April 29-May 5
Sunday- we met our friends the Petkoffs and Gollners for an early dinner to celebrate Aria's birthday.  These are my college friends and let me tell you that ten years ago I would have never imagined all of us meeting up years later for lunch/dinner at 3pm with two infants and a toddler!  We are so wild and crazy!

When we got home we attempted our first all family walk (picture top left).  Let's just say it was a cluster!!!  Porter wouldn't ride in the stroller without crying.  Brewster (the brown dog) was acting really weird and ended up riding in the stroller  At one point, while Carl had both dogs, I looked up ad Carl was doubled over in pain becuase somehow he got hit really hard with one of the retractable dog leashes. I am sure we are making a great impression on the neighborhood!  After everyone had time to emotionally and physically heal from the trauma of the first walk we went again later this week and it was much better.

Monday (napping picture) and Tuesday (smirking picture)- nothing too exciting just days at home working on getting onto more of a schedule.  On Tuesday Porter was 7 weeks old. 

Wednesday (sitting in bumbo)- we discovered that Porter can sit in his Bumbo chair.  This was very exciting for me because he can sit in the bumbo while I do stuff in the kitchen.  Turns out I can unload the dishwasher much faster while not holding a baby!

Thursday(sitting in jumper pic)- we went on a big adventure to Hobby Lobby.  Morning shopping at Hobby Lobby is great.  There are very few people there and the church music they play is quite soothing for a sleeping baby.  Thursday night Carl and I put together the jumperoo (not quite sure of the official name) and Porter tried it out.  He likes it!  I can't believe he is big enough to start using his toys.  This is the first toy item, with many more to come, taking over the family room.  The dogs love it when Porter is in the jumperoo- very easy toe licking access. 

Friday (sleeping in carrier)- another day of adventures.  I consider leaving the house with Porter an adventure at this point because I never know how it's going to go.  Things can get real ugly real quick.  We went to Lowe's first (they have great carts for baby carriers!!!) and then to Central Market.  Last Friday we went to Central Market and I ended up having to carry him while pushing the cart.  I didn't want to be "that mom" with the screaming baby at the grocery store- I will save that fun for later.  I have a long future ahead of me of being "that mom".  I LOVE Central Market but it is a very difficult place to try to manuever through while holding a baby and pushing a cart with one hand.  Friday seems to be a big day of samples which means the people walking in front of you stop at any moment with no warning.  Good times.  This week went very smoothly.  He slept the whole time!!!  While waiting at the butchers, a parade went by-literally a parade with bells, whistles, horns, and signs- celebrating the employees of the month and he slept through it.

Saturday (soccer onesie pic)-Porter wore his soccer onesie to watch soccer with his Dad.  We spent a nice day at home with Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo and looking at the super moon before bed.


Bath Time!

Porter loves bath time! He loves the water and doesn't cry at all (until I take him out and he is cold).  Since he is so great in the bath I of course think he will be an Olympic swimmer.  
after bath 4-7-12
after bath 4-27-12
What's better than a happy clean baby???