Monday, August 13, 2012

Five Months!!

I know I say this every month but time really is flying! Porter is five months old today, Aug. 13, 2012. We don't have a doctors visit this month so no official weigh in but I feel safe in guessing he weighs close to twenty pounds. He's a big boy or so we are frequently told.

Here's what's new this month:
Porter definitely has a personality of his own. He still talks all the time. He laughs and smiles a bunch which pretty much melts your heart. He lights up when one of us or the dogs walk in the room.
He is trying to do a lot of big boy things like hold his bottle and stand without our help. Standing and sitting still need a spotter but I think we are close to him being able to do it on his own.
He is starting to reach our and grab things around him. He can put his pacifier in and out of his mouth and is pretty cocky about it. He reached out Sunday afternoon and knocked his dad's drink over. I think he just wanted to let us know he could.
He has discovered his feet and is constantly grabbing the left foot. He hasn't tried putting his feet in his mouth- yet.
He loves to stick his tongue out all the time. We think he likes feeling his teeth. He looks like a little lizard.
Brewster (our little brown dog) has secured his place as Porter's best friend. If Porter is crying Brewster can help make him stop by laying next to Porter. Chatty is warming up to him too. Carl & I spend a lot of time trying to prevent Porter from being slobbered to death by the dogs.
I want to make sure to remember this forever- when Porter & I are out running errands or on a walk etc and he is in the Ergo carrier on my chest with his right arm he always rubs it up and down my left arm as if he is reassuring me that he's ok. He did it the whole way through Central Market Sunday. I am literally tearing up writing this.

This month:
Porter went to our friend Greyson's 2nd birthday party. Turns out there are all boys in the Dallas area friend group. We are in lots of trouble next year when all the boys are mobile!
We went to San Antonio/New Braunfels to see all the grandparents. Grandma & Grandpa (Pat & Ken) had a sip & see for their friends and extended family to meet Porter. No surprise, he was a hit!
I started back to work last Thursday & Porter started daycare. We love the lady and her family that watch Porter. Thursday was a little rough for me.....

We are excited to see how Porter grows this month & the new things he learns. I think we need to baby proof sooner rather than later.....

(i am not sure what order the pictures will post since I am doing this from my phone so here's what the pictures are of: boys and mamas is from Greyson's party, family pic from sip & see, standing with only the help of the ottoman last weekend and his five month pictures from today)

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  1. Sweet boy lovin on his Mom! And I love the shark week onesie. So big standing up!!!