Friday, October 5, 2012

Blessing of Animals

Thursday October 4th was St. Francis of Assisi day. St. Francis is the patron saint of all animals. Our church had a service yesterday for the blessing of pets. Growing up we did this at my elementary school, Sacred Heart. I remember my mom bringing all of our animals: 2 parakeets, a fish, a cat, a dog and Brad (he wasnt in school yet). I have great memories of this so I wanted to do this with Porter.

Since it was just going to be me & Porter I decided I could only handle 1 dog. Chatty was selected as the representative for the Crowder family pups.

On the way there Porter cried, Chatty jumped around the car and it looked like it was going to rain. Not a strong start. After I got my crew out of the car the service started. We were outside gathered around the big church bell. I was the youngest person there by about 30ish years. Once they rang the bell Porter started screaming. The super dramatic cry with the added touch of bottom lip stuck out as far as possible.  Naturally, the crowd of grandmothers turned to look at us.  This is the moment Chatty decides to take care of business.  I had to make sure everyone saw me pick it up- I didnt want them to think I was the kind of dog owner that would leave it.  While Father Bill was telling the story of St. Francis Chatty had one of her reverse coughing attacks.  It's real loud and sounds like she is choking.  It happens when she gets really excited.  Let's just say my group caused a lot of distractions.

When the service was over I asked a disgruntled teen who looked really not excited to be there to take our picture.  I needed to have documentation of this.  The little boy who handed out programs was upset with me that I wouldn't return my program to him but Porter had eaten half of it.

So after this fifteen minute event I really appreciate my mom loading up our whole animal crew and Brad to do this when we were little.

We will do this again next year........ it will be Brewsters turn to go.

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