Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eight Months

I made notes to include on this post throughout the month. Looking back at the items/accomplishments I listed:
-pulling up in crib
- scooting
- rolling to move
I'm amazed at how much Porter accomplished this month! Who needs to scoot or roll anymore when you can speed crawl?!? He is on the move! Watch out dog tails, electrical outlets, cords & shoes- Porter is out to get you & put you in his mouth.

Porter can pull himself up to stand now. He gets cocky & holds on with only one hand. At first it looks like he's riding a bull with one arm flailing. He's taking a few steps while holding onto the coffee table, couch etc. He's got a few bruises to show for his bravery. I'm trying to be calm during all the bumps, bruises & crying- I know there is more to come.

Porter had an ear infection that would not go away (literally- he had it since Sept. 18). After 4 rounds of antibiotics & antibiotic shots Porter had tubes put in his ears Nov. 8th. It has changed our lives!!!! He feels so much better. Drum
roll please.... HE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Carl & I are still adjusting to it. I wake up & check the monitor several times through the night- I think that will always happen.

Porter has started saying dada. I have announced I will be going by da da. I'm doing lots of momma drills.

Big stuff for the month:
Eating lots
Saying/yelling da da
Weight- about 20 pounds
Pappy came to visit

Porter & I went to Houston to meet my great Aunt Consuelo & for Liana's baby shower. He was great on the trip except for a poop explosion on the way home that I don't want to relive.

His personality is starting to show more & more. He's a funny kid. He laughs a lot which is the best sound on earth!!!

As we enter the holiday season I am so very thankful for Porter. He has brought us so much joy & love. This is going to be the best Thanksgiving & Christmas ever!!!

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