Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seven Months

Again I am a little behind.....

This will be mostly pictures too. I promise to be better about 8 months!!

Highlights for month SEVEN:
- Porter was baptized Sept. 23. It was a fun weekend with the Grandparents, uncles & Godparents (Mandy Shoemaker & Justin Palmer)
-Porter, Chatty & I went to the blessing of the animals at church
- we had a little boy/mom/puppy sleepover with Greyson, Carey & Minnie while the dads went to Austin to a UT game
-We spent Mondays at library story time. Porter loves books and other babies!!!
- Lots of eating in month 7! Now eating 3 meals a day.
- Sitting like a champ by himself.

We are so lucky and blessed to have such an adorable baby with a great demeanor! He's really easy going. He wakes up smiling! I can't stop kissing & hugging him!!!

Coming up in month EIGHT- he's on the move!!!!

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